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Vancouver catio tour will be the cat’s meow!

The BC SPCA has created a self-guided tour on June 9, 2019 to show off catios of all shapes and sizes in the Vancouver area.

Catios are outdoor cat enclosures that allow domestic cats to lounge and enjoy the stimuli of nature while protecting them from danger (and other wildlife from the dangers cats pose). They’re typically made with wire fencing or mesh so cats can enjoy weather and feel like they’re outside. They often also have multiple layers and toys so cats can play, relax, and act naturally. Whether built to attach as a small window attachment or a larger free-standing structure, catios are a wonderful solution to ensuring our furry family members can be fulfilled and safe for everyone.

The BC SPCA tour is self-guided, so you can start your day where you want and plan your route accordingly. If you’re interested in signing up please visit And be sure to share your favourite catio photos with us!

Photo by Camille Topola

Michael Howie

Michael Howie is an international award-winning journalist whose background includes work for Torstar, Metroland, and other magazines and publications. He is the producer and host of The Young Defenders podcast, host of the popular Defender Radio podcast, the writer of The Fur-Bearers’ blogs, and contributes to various online publications on behalf of The Fur-Bearers. He is also the primary manager of The Fur-Bearers' social media platforms. Michael has successfully managed a political campaign, worked with various non-profits as a strategic communicator, and performs in the popular End of Times and Other Bothers improvised comedy podcast. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

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