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California wants to outlaw receipts!

California is considering legislation that would make it illegal for some businesses to hand out paper receipts unless they are specifically requested. Let’s break down this article from The Sacramento Bee and get the facts.

Who: California State Assemblyman Phil Ting

What: Assemblyman Ting introduced Assembly Bill 161. If passed, Bill 161 would mean that businesses wouldn’t be allowed to give out paper receipts unless they are specifically requested by a customer, or if the businesses meet certain standards (see below).

When: If passed into law, the Bill would take effect in 2022.

Where: California, United States of America

Why: Here’s a comment from non-profit Green America about paper receipts, as posted in the Sacramento Bee article, “Green America reports that paper receipts require over 3 million trees and 9 billion gallons of water annually. They produce 302 million pounds of solid waste and 4 billion pounds of greenhouse gases.”

How: Assembly Bill 161 was presented by Assemblyman Phil Ting. It will go through a complete process of debate, discussion, and voting. Read more about how that works in California by clicking here.

Other details: Not all businesses would be impacted by the bill. According to the Sacramento Bee, the bill would not affect small businesses who gross (before taxes and other deductions) less than $2,000,000 per year, businesses who only use cash, health care providers (like doctors, dentists, and others), and businesses who use paper receipts free of the chemicals Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-S (BPA and BPS) that are harmful to people’s health.

What you can do to support this: If you live in California, reach out to your assemblyperson and tell them you support this bill! You can find a list of them here If you don’t live in California, you can send Assemblyman Phil Ting an email or message to say you’re supporting it from afar. You can get his contact information here

Michael Howie

Michael Howie is an international award-winning journalist whose background includes work for Torstar, Metroland, and other magazines and publications. He is the producer and host of The Young Defenders podcast, host of the popular Defender Radio podcast, the writer of The Fur-Bearers’ blogs, and contributes to various online publications on behalf of The Fur-Bearers. He is also the primary manager of The Fur-Bearers' social media platforms. Michael has successfully managed a political campaign, worked with various non-profits as a strategic communicator, and performs in the popular End of Times and Other Bothers improvised comedy podcast. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

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