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Stop posting, start acting

Social media is a powerful tool that can encourage worldwide social change. It is also a vast canyon into which we can scream our heads off and only ever hear echoes.

The Fur-Bearers (the non-profit that runs The Young Defenders) frequently hears from individuals across Canada (and sometimes around the world) asking for help in speaking out against local concerns. While we try to respond to all of these inquiries and get involved when we’re able (become a monthly donor and help us expand our reach!), frequently we try to act as guides in the process of moving concerns from social media comments to effective local advocacy.

Whether it is a provincial policing agency with a notoriously difficult and questionable complaints process or identifying which levels and offices of government are the ones responsible for concerns, The Fur-Bearers wants to help as many wildlife and environmental advocates as possible. This series – stop posting, start acting – is to help build conversation around some of these processes.

As we prepare and post information, we’d love to hear your feedback, experiences and questions, too. Just send them to or comment below!

We’d also like to acknowledge that there is no one right way to advocate and frequently there are many paths to get to the same destination. The ongoing commentary will be experiential and rooted in fact, with citations or links as necessary.

We look forward to bringing you this ongoing series and welcome any feedback you may have.

Michael Howie

Michael Howie is an international award-winning journalist whose background includes work for Torstar, Metroland, and other magazines and publications. He is the producer and host of The Young Defenders podcast, host of the popular Defender Radio podcast, the writer of The Fur-Bearers’ blogs, and contributes to various online publications on behalf of The Fur-Bearers. He is also the primary manager of The Fur-Bearers' social media platforms. Michael has successfully managed a political campaign, worked with various non-profits as a strategic communicator, and performs in the popular End of Times and Other Bothers improvised comedy podcast. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

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